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Aphid Alert 2019

[7/14/2019] Trap Catches Identified to July 12.

Newly confirmed pest: Soybean Gall Midge

[7/8/2019] The soybean gall midge was confirmed in 2018, but very little is known about its biology. Its potential for damage may be widespread in Minnesota, therefore scouting soybean fields is necessary.

Black Cutworm Alert

[5/21/2019] The black cutworm (BCW) trap catch continues to be high, posing a risk to newly emerged crops.

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Bed Bugs

bedbugsLet's Beat the Bed Bug! is an award winning website and excellent resource for finding information on preventing, controlling, and treating bed bug problems.

Fruit IPM

SWD on purple raspberryFruitEdge is a new site that features up-to-date information on key insect pests of Minnesota's fruit crops. 

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cabbage looperVisit VegEdge to view vegetable pest & beneficial insect profiles, as well as pest infestation updates.

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Rosemount fieldSee the latest on insect, disease and weed pest management for corn, soybean, and other crops on the Extension Crop Production website.

IPM and Invasive Species

BMSBThe MITPPC website provides current information about the University of Minnesota's terrestrial invasive species research efforts.

UMN Extension Field Crop IPM Podcasts

IPM Crops Podcasts[7/17/2019] The University of Minnesota Extension IPM Program IPM Podcast series for field crops is in its second season. Check out the latest episode here.


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Corn Earworm Alert

CEW larvae
[8/30/2018] CEW adult, moth flights continue to be high near Blue Earth, and increased substantially this past week at Owatonna (now >70/night) and Rosemount (>175/night). 

Corn Earworm Pest Alert - Southern Minnesota

CEW moths

[8/24/2017] During the past 7-10 days several Corn Earworm (CEW) pheromone trap volunteers have confirmed significant increases in moth flights, with counts ranging from 50/night at Owatonna and Rosemount, to >175/night at Blue Earth.

Early Emergence of Colorado Beetles in the Red River Valley

[6/15/2017] Several different locations in the RRV are experiencing emerging Colorado potato beetles (CPB).  I've visited a few fields where overwintered beetles are contentedly finding mates and munching young potato plants (some places more heavily than others). 

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