IPM Podcast Series for Field Crops

By UMN Extension IPM Program 

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IPM Crops Podcasts

Welcome to the IPM Podcast series for Field Crops - 2019! The podcasts are sponsored by the University of Minnesota (UMN) Extension Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program. Our goal with the podcasts is to alert Growers, Ag Professionals and Educators about emerging pest concerns with Minnesota Field Crops --- including corn, soybean, small grains and alfalfa ---- and offer useful, research-based pest management solutions. The podcasts are co- hosted by Dr. Bill Hutchison, Coordinator of the MN IPM Program and Dave Nicolai, Crops Extension Educator & Coordinator of the Extension Institute for Ag Professionals.

IPM Podcasts - 2020:

Episode 16: Weed management in fall and what to do with weed escapes (9/18/2020)
Episode 15:Soybean gall midge, spider mites, and corn rootworm in southern Minnesota (8/18/2020)
 Epidsode 14: Soybean and corn diseases in late summer and what to plan for next year (8/10/2020)
Episode 13: What's in the toolbox? Aphids & other soybean insects in 2020


Episode 12: When Insects Take Care of the Pest Control for Us (9/20/2019)
Episode 11: Late-season Pest Considerations in Northwest Minnesota (8/23/2019)
Episode 10: New and Old Insect Pests of Soybeans
Episode 9: Timely Crop Scouting as Summer Finally Arrives (6/28/2019) 
Episode 8: Weed Mgt. in Delayed Corn & Soybean Planting Conditions (6/13/2019) 
Episode 7: Black Cutworm and Other Early Season Pest Management (5/30/2019)

IPM Podcasts - 2018:

Episode 6: Soybean & Corn Disease Update (8/20/2018)
Episode 5: Soybean Aphid Alert & IPM Update
Episode 4: Plant Disease Clinic Update (7/5/2018)
Episode 3: 
Corn Rootworm Activity & Bt Resistance Updates (6/7/2018)
Episode 2: Early Season Weed Control in Corn and Soybeans (5/30/2018)
Episode 1: UMN IPM Program: Black Cutworm Alert (5/23/2018)