Aphid Alert 2019

July 14, 2019

Dr. Ian MacRae, Entomologist, Northwest Research & Outreach Center

Trap catches for July 05-12 remained low,with only one site reporting aphids. The trap at Gully did recover a Damson-Hop aphid.  This is a new species we're monitoring and the literature reports it may be 1/2 as effective as Green Peach Aphid in vectoring PVY, so it could be an issue if we see high numbers. 

Data from other researchers continues to highlight the value of early application of crop oils (e.g. Aphoil, JMS Stylet oil).  Researchers in New Brunswick have also reported additional value in adding either lambda-cyhalothrin insecticides (e.g. Warrior II, Silencer, Grizzly, etc) or the insecticide, Beleaf to oil applications.  All products should be suitable for tank mixing with fungicides (but remember to always check the label! a jar test may also be useful if you have concerns).  No other insecticides tested were found to provide additional efficacy. While numbers are low to this point, aphids are flying and, if you haven't started, it's time to start...

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