Trap Network Locations

Our trapping network consists of blacklight traps (BLT), Harstack traps, and vinegar bait traps. 

Blacklight traps are used to monitor historical pests such as European corn borer (ECB) and armyworm, as well as new invasive pests such as brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB). The Hartstack trap, when used in conjunction with a pheromone lure, is used to monitor corn earworm (CEW). Spotted wing drosophila (SWD) is monitored using a vinegar trap and an attractant lure/bait. 

The purpose of monitoring these pests is to provide an early warning system for growers, crop consultants, and Extension associates. We are also using the trapping information to follow how their populations change over time, which allows for the management of risk involved in vegetable, fruit, and grain production, and can aid in solving crop production challenges now and in the future.

2019 Trap Locations

Below is a map of locations being monitored for ECB, CEW, TAW, WBCW, and SWD, with links to their respective graphs. Not all locations are monitoring for all three pests.
Data can also be accessed on the following pages on the VegEdge and FruitEdge sites: