Program Areas

Bed Bug IPM

kellsThe bed bug program at the University of Minnesota is run by Assistant Professor Stephen Kells. Through his research he has developed protocols for residents and pest management practitioners to follow. His "Let's Beat the Bug" website provides fact sheets, videos, and opportunities to participate in webinars.  

Crop IPM

Black cutwormSpecialists from agronomy, weed science, soil science, and plant pathology provide valuable information in all areas of crop production. The Crop Production website provides research updates, publications, and news from University of Minnesota Extension.

Fruit IPM

MALBFruit IPM research is led by Professor & Extension Entomologist Bill Hutchison. Focus is on IPM of well-established pests such as multicolored Asian lady beetle (MALB), and of new and emerging pests, including brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) and spotted wing drosophila (SWD). The FruitEdge website provides information to assist growers, processors and crop consultants in making better IPM decisions.

Invasive Species

EABThe Minnesota Invasive Terrestrial Plants and Pests Center is directed by Dr. Rob Venette. The legislatively mandated purpose of the MITPPC is "to prevent and minimize the threats posed by terrestrial invasive plants, other weeds, pathogens, and pests in order to protect the state's prairies, forests, wetlands, and agricultural resources." The MITPPC website provides information on the top terrestrial threats as well as  information on research projects funded by the MITPPC. 

School IPM

schoolThe School IPM site provides several task sheets and planning calendars for practical IPM planning. 

Vegetable IPM

SCBVegetable IPM research is led by Professor & Extension Entomologist Bill Hutchison. The focus of the vegetable IPM program is research is developing and implementing IPM programs for a variety of crops, including: sweet corn, cabbage, snap bean, cucurbits, and wine grapes. The VegEdge website provides timely delivery of pest & beneficial insect profiles, pest infestation updates, as well as Pest-Forecast Maps (e.g., for European corn borer).